15/12/11- Homemade love

As mentioned in a previous post, a friend and I got together recently to do a little crafting to make some homemade gifts. 

Every Christmas season I have a enlightened moment where I consider whipping up fantastic homemade gifts for family and friends, but the moment leaves and I don't do it. Saying that, I always make truffles to give away and have been doing so for years and years, but would love to do more. 

I also spoke to a friend the other day who is giving away homemade gingerbread, shortbread and Baileys. (Homemade Baileys! I had no idea!!! I think I have to try that just for fun). What a great idea.

I'm thankful for the motivation from my friend to create these gifts, of which both turned out perfect! 

So...do you create any homemade gifts for friends and family? Do you have an annual treat that you make each year to give away?

A little peek at our creations. Apologies for the poor image. The flash on my lovely camera decided to stop working and I am now left with poor photos and no camera. Boo.

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  1. How lovely, I think that I usually end up making a gift of two for people, I like it because it adds a very personal touch. However, I often find that I set high goals for making stuff at the last minute then get stressed out about getting them done. I need to be more proactive.


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