17/12/11- Traditions


What traditions do you carry on every Christmas? Have your traditions changed after getting married or having a family of your own?

One of our traditions is our awesome traditional Polish Christmas Eve dinner. We've always celebrated Christmas that way, and I can't imagine not doing so. It's a very special dinner, with lots of family history. Part of the dinner involves perogies, which my cousin and I make every Christmas Eve morning...

 So tell me, what traditions do you cherish?


  1. Yay! Making perogies with you is easily one of my favorite Christmas traditions. I also really love that Christmas eve is such a big to-do with our family, a lot of people don't do much Christmas eve - as I understand it - and as far as I am concerned, Christmas eve is Christmas.

  2. a new tradition will be with a particular 'friend' who comes to visit and we make BLOG inspired crafts together! New traditions are fun to start!
    In our family we have Christmas books that come out every Christmas Eve and one is never too old to read them out loud. Also, watching particular Christmas specials and never being too old to put cookies out for Santa and a carrot for the reindeer!

  3. I'm hoping to make the Santa run I did a little bit of a tradition because it was just so hilarious and merry. Maybe next year we can run it together!


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