9/12/11- Christmas Crafting

Last night my friend and I got together to create some Christmas gifts for friends. We made a few very cute gifts that she had found on a blog. (Oh blogs, what would we do without you?)

Cute Christmas crafts deserves great supplies. 

We went to the local quilting shop in her town to find some fabric, and what a treat! This was no ordinary quilting shop. The building which it was located in was well preserved and loved. 

The floors, ceiling, lights- and all the little touches around the store were beautiful. 

Now, you may want to see what we created...but I will have to save those pics till the gifts are given. I don't want any recipients to see the photos on here in advance of Christmas!


  1. there is nothing better than inspiration from blogs..and gorgeous shops to find the supplies in! Can't wait to see the final pictures!

  2. Oh I know ay! I LOVE quilt stores almost as much as quilting. They each have their very own fabric-personality too. So fun! I have my faves. Was this near Olds by any chance?

  3. Stores like this offer so much inspiration! They usually also offer a hefty bill. ha.


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