1/2/12- Yup, thats cold.

February is upon us, and here in England its cold. This is the coldest week this winter I believe, with lows getting to -8 in our area. Yikes. 

If you've never had the pleasure of experiencing that damp cold, you may think -8 is not so bad, but the way that everyone describes it is "the cold goes right through your bones". 

Days are looking like this...

So on days like this, its nice to make some homemade scones with some lovely jelly. 

I made Mary Berry's scone recipe, which worked out perfect! 


  1. sounds like real cuppa ( all day long ) and hot water bottle weather!

  2. It. Is. SO. cold! And that's just in London, you must be freezing! Scones are a great idea though! x

  3. Haha, I thought that -5 wouldn't be too cold for me when I moved over, I was sorely mistaken. That cold eats you up from the inside. It is just such a different cold than a Canadian -40 which steals your breath. I hope it doesn't stay too cold for too long for you.


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