Day 158- 10/3/10

My reading material for the day...Times, Grazia, Glamour & book "Albert & George". I admit I never buy Glamour but did today. You can see that you get a free hair product with purchase of the 2 pound mag! Why not eh?

This is something else the UK does that Canada does not. Mags tend to do this every now and then, include a gift. It may be another mag, hair stuff, nail polish, key chains, hand cream, I've even seen a clutch purse! The possibilities are endless. So what if I bought the magazine for the hair stuff?! Obviously their ploy worked!


  1. that's the best idea EVER!!!!

  2. Mostly I am interested in that article about Carey Mulligan. She's great. And, an amazing untold story? I wouldn't be able to say no to that.


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