Day 162- 14/3/10

Timmys!!! A lovely morning surprise. To see that cup in my hand was just like I was at home. The taste of the coffee and doughnuts was a bit different then the ones at home, but I didn't mind.


  1. mmmmmmm. as much as i am going to have a problem drinking coffee at home after this trip, nothing beats going to tims and ordering a large double double, and a toasted everything bagel with herb and garlic cream cheese.!!!!

  2. At Tim Hortons (proper) right now they have these donuts that came out just before the Olympics, they are called Canada Donut (real original). They are a basic donut with white icing and small red maple leaf sprinkles. I think of you when I see them. I would love to send you one, but I know it would be a bad choice. So you can just imagine it instead ;)

  3. mmm...I can imagine that doughnut-thanks! Sending it may not be the best idea since Canada post takes quite a while. How cute do they sound though!


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