Day 171- 23/3/10

Today I took the bus across town to meet a group of people that didn't show. Well they showed, but left early. Long story.

This forced me to then take the bus back home, in the dark. All of the sudden the town that I have become so familiar with became a whole new place. Going down streets I had not yet been, seeing stores and shops I had never seen before. (example: a take away store called "Crazy Chicken" or something like that that sells chicken, pizza, and kebabs, and has an American flag on its sign?!?!)

It's funny that taking a bus in a new area can make you seem like a foreigner. It completely turned me around and felt like a bit of an adventure.
This photo was taken on the way to the meeting place, obviously not in the dark on the way home. As you can see we have that lovely green grass happening, but it was a very dull and rainy day.


  1. taking the bus really does open your eyes. it is fun just watch everything go by, and see where people get off and what they are doing. you can drive some place, and walk, and bike, and take the bus, and each time it is a completely different experience!

  2. Agreed! Spoken like a true bus rider.


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