Day 149- 1/3/10

I'm not sure if it was the bright sun, the blue sky, the first day of March or the glow of Canada's gold medal from hockey, but it was a beautiful day out today. It truly feels like spring is in bloom here, and I look forward to seeing if this will be the first month of March where I don't see any snow.

For the first time in a while I didn't have a sweater/jumper on under my coat, just a t-shirt. I was tempted to bring out the sunglasses, and even saw a couple cruising round with the top down. (Saying that, they were bundled up with scarves and jackets)


  1. It is starting to get spring like here too! Well at least this week. Snow is melting, I can start to see the grass underneath. No flowers but all in due time.
    These are cute.

  2. Yes indeed, I'm becoming crazy too! Lovely days no? Amanda, I have something for you, come to my blog and you will find the treasure ;)
    x Kathy

  3. Aren't these pretty! Between flowers and the spring clothes I wish spring was here! Such lovely days...


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