I think it may be time to get back into the blog...I mean, clearly the photo-a-day kept me on track, now it just seems too easy not to post! I have a couple photos I took the other day that may be quite fitting for my friends back home in snowy Canada.

There is a company here called Innocent drinks. They create things like smoothies and juices, with a very healthy approach. No additives or sugars, and some really interesting mixes. They've also started getting into things like veg pots for healthy lunches. I have one of the smoothie cookbooks, and they are such a unique company with a great ethos. The floor in their offices are astro turf, and they have a pet sheep (plastic of course).
Anyways, for the month of November they had a ton of volunteers (and grannies!) knit these tiny little touques (or knitted hats as they call them here, as no one knows what a touque is) for the top of the bottles, and 25p of each drink goes to Age UK a charity for the elder population- (things like health care and stuff I believe). At first I was like "what is the point? A knitted hat on a bottle?" Then I saw them all sitting there on the stores shelf- all different patterns and styles and it looked almost cute. So I had to buy one, the marketing ploy worked!


  1. yay! A new post! How exciting!
    I love the little 'knitted hats' sooo cute!!! Great photos and interesting blog subject today!

  2. That is adorable! I would totally buy one.


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