1. Now this last post for my 'top ten things I love' may be a bit syrupy sweet for some of you...

And you may think its a bit cheesy...

But I can't think of anything else I love more in this country then my boyfriend (or partner as you I would refer to him over here). Not saying anything more mushy than that, but he had to be number 1!


  1. I knew it! I had this pegged as #1 so you didn't disappoint. How could it not be your most favorite thing? Cute!

  2. i agree with wendy ... forget the syrup and cheese, how could he not be the best thing about being there. if he wasn't i'd be worried!

  3. I like syrup and cheese!!!

  4. Totally agree with everyone!! I'd be worried if you'd have said anything else :)


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