Tis the season for the Christmas baking to begin. Its been ages since I made gingerbread, but I thought this may be a good treat. However the cutie little men are soon to be sent off to Afghanistan for the boys out there in their Christmas packages.

Anyways, one reason I wanted to post this was I find it interesting to know where food originated from, kind of odd but nonetheless. Turns out that gingerbread was actually invented just a mere 20 min down the road in a nearby town. Kinda cool right? Even cooler that this town has a pub entitled "The Gingerbread Man"! Fantastic.


  1. A huge A+ in my books!!! The boys oughta love 'em! So thoughtful of ya.

  2. That's fantastic! I'm sure the gents will love the cookies and the thought!

  3. hmmm ... i LOVE this new idea for your blog. what made you think of it? i think it has some great possibilities and i'm excited to see what fun things you find for us over there.


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