22/10/11- Market Collective

This weekend my friend and I attended Market Collective. A market showcasing local artists and artisans and their wares. My cousin has attended a number of the Market Collective events and raved about it. So we thought we should check it out.

I love attending events such as these, those which shine a light on local artists work. And of course with any market, shopping is involved! 

Local musicians jamming throughout the day. 

The photos from photographer Amy Victoria Wakefield were beautiful!

A couple other fave tables of the day were Chika Ando's quirky illustrations and Cinder & Sage's unique jewellery

My one purchase of the day was this print from Tara Put. She had some lovely and very creative pieces- check out her etsy shop here. Isn't it lovely?! 


  1. Ahh ha! I'm so glad you liked it! Funny how your faves are my faves too! I own many Amy Wakefield pieces and a cinder and sage necklace (its my favorite one) and oddly enough a good friend of mine is friends with Tara Put. I hope you ventured upstairs, there is always weird things and interactive art going on up there. Ahh, yes, I love MC, but didn't make it this weekend. At Christmas we shall attend together :)

  2. Oh cool! That looks like a great event. Glad you had fun!

  3. I l.o.v.e Market Collective! So fun!

  4. what!! there's an upstairs. shoot, we missed that part! that is so funny that you love the same stuff we did Teira. I kinda wish i would have bought one of the Amy Wakefield photos now :(

  5. Thanks ladies for the comments!

    Such a fun afternoon...Shawna, Teira will be with us next time so we won't miss the hidden finds like the upstairs. I am sure Amy Wakefield will be at the next show- we can buy a print then.

    T, we clearly both have good tastes ;)

  6. Worry not Shawna - she is at EVERY market collective! And you can buy her stuff on etsy if all else fails :)


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