31/1/12- Perfection?

I tend to read a lot of blogs. The majority of them are similar to mine- daily musings, baking, cooking, travel, fashion. (Though I don't really talk about fashion, I do enjoy reading about it). 

At one time I was following so many blogs, that it got to the point that I wasn't even reading the posts, but scanning quickly to get onto the next one. Seems wrong. So I've cut back, and only follow a small handful. I've gone back to the days of enjoying blogs, taking time to comment, and trying suggested recipes or DIY. 

One thing that I've always noticed with the blogs I've read is the perfection of bloggers and what they do. No one seems to blog about a bad day... Would the reader be interested in a ruined outfit, a loaf of bread thats not risen properly, or a rainy day in paradise? Do we read blogs to divulge into the perfect-well organized-good looking-quaint-twee-always baked to perfection- lives of others?

This past week I tried and failed a number of new recipes. New dinner recipe- failed. Lemon curd- failed. Onion marmalade- failed. Macaron filling part 1- failed. But did I blog about these failed attempts? Nope. I will try them again, and share my successes with you. 

Funny isn't it?

Rose macarons with a lemon buttercream filling


  1. What an interesting thought. It's so true though, we don't publish our real selves, failures and all...only the best parts of us. I guess it's not just blogging but real life in general; I still think it would be just as interesting to read people's failures too though!

  2. I agree Amanda!
    Some of the fashion blogs seem very self fullfilling to me..and the glimpses into their lives seem so perfect. The perfect husband, perfect outfit for the outing, perfect glasses, perfect baby or top bun! It is refreshing to read posts when these women have 'bad days'! But they are only human afterall and sometimes one must remember we read blogs to be inspired and we don't always want to see imperfections. ...and then there are the really horrid blogs that serve no purpose; but that is a entirely different dialogue!

  3. I totally agree! I actually find the displayed perfection somewhat off putting on some of the blogs that I follow, it stops me from 'loving' the blogs and they become ones I read from time to time because they do have good ideas. Its nice to know that every first attempt doesn't pan out and that they aren't prefect at everything they try. Funny. Also, those macaroons look delicious!


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