26/3/12- Feels like home!

Happy Monday! 

If you are reading this from the UK then I am sure you enjoyed some beautiful weather this weekend- wasn't it lovely? It was around 17 degrees here! The rest of the week should be similar. How exciting that Spring has arrived! For those in Calgary, how is the snow? 

A few weeks ago a group of gals and myself went down to London to celebrate a hen do. This was my first British hen do, and yes, it is very similar to a Canadian 'stagette'. 

One of our events on the saturday afternoon was to head to the Ice Bar in London for a drink. No one in the group had been to an ice bar, (Not even our lovely Swedish friend where the original ice bar is located) so we were all pretty excited about it. 

It was a neat experience for the weekend, though not something you'd do on a regular basis I am sure. You end up being in the room for 45 min, having a drink in a ice glass, and being surrounded by walls of ice. Music is pumping and lights are constantly changing to give it this club atmosphere. Can't forget to mention the lovely hooded capes we were give to keep ourselves warm during the experience.

The hooded capes you got to wear. Gloves were included as well!

The ice glasses and bar. 

This week I am excited to get some DIY started again, so watch this space. 


  1. I love the Ice Bar! Despite the fact that I hate freezing... it's something fun and different.

  2. This looks so interesting - the lights behind the ice would be very dramatic and I love the glasses - always wondered what they were like...but in my reality, as creative as these bars are, I'd rather die than be in a freezing chunk of ice! I had goosebumps just looking at your amazing photos! ha! Sounds like the hen party you organized went off beautifully ! What fun for the weekend!

  3. Looks like fun! I've never been to an Ice Bar. I guess I should put it on my list. I think there's one near Montreal or Quebec City that has to do with the Ice Hotel.

    Sounds like you ladies had a great weekend.

  4. I admit, by the time we left I was ready to get out of the cold! I just had some brogues on and needless to say my feet were freezing!


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