27/3/12- My new fave baking book

For todays 'Taste of Britain Tuesdays' I am going to talk about a recent addition to my bookshelf. 'The Great British Book of Baking' is a cookbook based on a show of the same name. This book is from last seasons show. 

The premise of the show is exactly what you would guess. Contestants create delightful British baked goods to win the title of Great British Baker (or something of that sort). The show is filmed in a marquee tent on the grounds of some country house, and is so visually appealing to watch. Last year a chap by the name of Edd Kimber won, and has now come out with his own baking book "The Boy who Bakes"

(Give him a follow on twitter if you like reading about baking and all things related).

I've made three recipes from this book so far and all have been amazing. Banana bread, brownies and scones. (All very simple recipes I know. But if they can give me successful simple recipes, I have faith in the more difficult ones). Over the past few years of living here I've tried to find a good scone recipe, and this book has it. Amazing.

Not to mention the amazing recipes, the book itself is a treat to own. Lovely illustrations, nice recipe layout, great paper (I think the type of paper in a book is important!). The neat thing, is at the start of each chapter they talk about that genre of baking and what it's all about. Like biscuits- where did they come from? What makes them special? How did they factor in Britain's history?

I have a feeling you will be hearing about this book more in the upcoming months. 

Drool worthy pics, and nice recipe layout.

How lovely!

Intro to the pudding section. Everything you wanted to know about puddings!


  1. ohh it looks lovely - the photos! There is nothing better than a great cookbook visually and tasty-wise! Enjoy your baking!

  2. Its funny how much paper choice can affect the feel of a book and how much we like/dislike it. Its always nice to have a glossy page with beautiful pictures and this cookbook looks like it fits the bill. Those brownies look delicious.

  3. There is another cookbook I really want, and have heard mixed reviews on it in terms of the recipes involved. However all reviews said the book itself is lovely with great photos, and a nice layout. That makes me want it even more!

    (I made a lemon cake from this book the other day, it was 100% spot on. Such a good investment!)


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