8/3/12- Thoughtful Thursdays- Challenges

Thoughtful Thursdays is something I started last week....thought I'd drop a new feature in the blog to keep me motivated and to change things up a bit. Now, I like to keep things light here, so I probably won't start talking about politics, the financial crisis or the new topic that has lit up the internet- Kony 2012. (If you've read this blog for a while you know it's all about crafts, baking and flowers ;)

Yesterday after a yoga session, I worked on mastering the headstand. (This is being done over many sessions, not just one!) I've done yoga for a good amount of time, and am finding I need challenge in poses, and have decided to take on this. (By the way, I miss Lululemon).

It got me thinking about challenges in our daily lives, and how I think I need to take on more of them. Nothing wrong with a bit of personal challenge...so this is mine right now.

What's yours?


  1. good for you! You will have it down in no time! I find the tripod pose more challenging than the traditional ashtanga form so you might want to check that one out - it is always a feeling of fear and exhilaration when doing handstand and headstand but what a wonderful fear to conquer! Best of luck with your new yoga class too!

  2. Yay! My personal challenge is to try to relax and enjoy the moment. Sigh.


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