Day 185- 6/4/10

What does one do in Scotland when the ski hill is closed due to 80 mph winds?

You take a drive to Inverness to see Loch Ness. (And hopefully Nessie)
And enjoy some local ales at a brewery tour!


  1. Those beer have some fabulous names! I hope you indulged in "Wild Cat;" mostly I hope this because the picture looks more like a domestic cat and not so much a 'wild' cat. Although "Trade Wind" and "Stag" also seem promising.

  2. Such creative names! We had a very talkative tour guide who told us about each beer. The first beer (though you may not be able to read it from the photo) is called "Sheep Shagger"! hah. My fave!

    Trade Wind is a good beer, however Stag was not my fave.

    You will enjoy knowing as well that the cat in "Wild Cat" was actually a real wild cat and not a domestic cat. Sadly she has died of old age, but was living in the local wildlife park. She would sit above you and try to bat your head with her paw. The guy knew this as he used to work in the park. Her ears were cut off because of the label editing, but they are there! (The flat style)


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