Day 198- 19/4/10

When I was sitting at the table this morning, having a cuppa and reading more about "the ash crisis" I heard cows mooing. I have never heard a cow moo when I am sitting in my kitchen in the morning. I am from the city, so it would be pretty impossible.

I also just thought it was weird as in 198 days of being here I have never heard a cow moo from my kitchen window. When I looked outside, there they were just across the river. Once I got out to take a photo, most had moooved on, but you can still see a couple sitting around.

This may be a pointless story, but it was just a weird start to the day.


  1. Ahhh ... a "spring" pasture no doubt. You'll have to watch for baby calves now!? Keep us posted.

  2. did the cows "moo" with a British accent?

  3. LOL. Love the pun:) I would find it weird too to wake up to any sort of barnyard animal!


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