Day 187- 8/4/10



  1. Ooohh! Great shot :) It is so great because it keeps me wondering what is outside the frame and it also gives the illusion that these stairs climb to nothing, but not in a bad way, more of a climbing higher sort of way. Yes, very good picture.

  2. Most definitely agree with T; this picture makes me want to be there, and no, you are no quitter. There was just a slight fear that you would. Didn't want that happening so I tried a little shame tactic.

  3. It's the cathedral that was bombed in Coventry, so what is left is now the walls, which becomes a lovely courtyard. So though it may look like these people are climbing to nothing, its into the walls of the old church!

    Thanks for the shame, it did work a bit. I wont be quitting just yet...


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