Top 10 "loves" about England (in no order!)

10. TEA

Tea is something that is classically British, and the routine and event of having tea is a part of that. I never really 'got it' till I got here, but now I think I understand. A cuppa can get your day started right, a cuppa can calm you down, or get you pepped up. "I'll put the kettle on" is such a warm invite and feeling of home, its lovely. Sitting down for tea is the time to vent or discuss the past days events, to start a meeting, or to sit and listen to a problem. When walking thorough the rain, its nice to know that a warm cup is on the other side of that door. Tea follows a good meal, and tea on the go is a no no- you sit, enjoy, and savor.

I've come to appreciate a good cuppa with the right balance of milk and sugar, whereas a year ago I drank it black. (Never again!). I've also come to appreciate a solid cup of PG Tips or Barrys, but still like the loose teas, green teas, or exotic mixes.

I came with zero teapots, and within a year have four that all serve their own purpose, and quantity.

I like this tea thing, and know that I will continue this tea tradition I've come to enjoy...

Tea graffiti!

Everyone loves a tea party!

Delicate tea cups and fresh spring tea

A new tea pot to add to my collection

Proper afternoon tea with a good friend, fresh scones, and plenty of good conversation.

Pretty new teapots...

Every now and then, nice to treat yourself with something from the bakery.

Tea cups are not just for tea!

New types of tea, and a new remedy for the common cold

A well deserved cuppa after spending the day touring around a new city. In this case it was Dublin.


  1. I love this of course!
    Too bad there wasn't a picture of you and I having tea to top it off!
    Can't wait for the other 9 entries!

  2. Oh, this is a fantastic idea! Can't wait :D

  3. I know I'm slow on the uptake but...

    Tea! I know it well. I never really got it either, not up until I came to university when it became my studying addiction. It was shortly after that when I began begging for tea pots - I think I own 5 and yes I agree they all have their different uses. Some for tea by myself, some for sharing, all great! Looks lovely :)


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