5. Parks & green spaces

There is something about the British that makes them love their parks. I don't know if its the relative size of the country to the population that allows them to cherish space, or the calm and peace a park can bring even in the busiest of cities. With the climate being what it is here the parks are ALWAYS green, even if snow happens to fall, there is always green below. The park in town here has become a fave place to run, stroll, picnic, or just sit.

Gardeners plant flowers all year long, and the grass and hedges always seem to be taken care of. Theres a certain pride. All of these photos (with exception of the last one) were taken in the park in town here, I love this space.


  1. gorgeous park, gorgeous pictures as always you capture the mood and setting so perfectly - I feel I am visiting!

  2. I really noticed this as well coming home from Europe round 2. After spending hours wandering through the most beautiful parks I came home searching for some here. They are definitely in short supply and never as beautiful. They take such care.


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