8. European & UK travel

I LOVE being so close to so many countries. In Canada a European or UK trip sometimes is planned and purchased a year in advance. Here you could literally decide weeks or even days before if you wanted to travel to another country. Amazing. Not to mention how great rail travel is! Here are the countries I was lucky to see last year, looking forward to more new places next year.

The start of my year over here, a trip to Barcelona!

I've also enjoyed being so close to London, and being able to catch a train down there (as well as the many other towns and cities I've visited across the country)

Numerous trips to Scotland to snowboard (during a season where they had copious amounts of snow)

Wine & pasta in Italy

A Guinness infused trip to beautiful Ireland

A quick jump west to Wales...

And in a few days, off to Paris!


  1. all I can say is FANTASTIC!!!

  2. Love it! Can't wait for this myself!


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