2. Style

The English have a very special style when it comes to fashion. Depending on how a pair of boots and leggings are worn, a scarf or hat, trousers, dresses, accessories, etc... it all has a certain British effort put into it.

Hard to describe, but I can really notice the difference when arriving in England, or comparing the dress of the French or Italian for example. I think the British put more of an effort into their clothes, and clothes are outfits, and outfits become a style. It's a nice change.


  1. Love these all. Europe style seems more unique and less cookie cutter than around these parts, more genuine perhaps?

  2. I love how in the haagen dazs picture there are the two fabulous dressed girls in the front and then a man coming out of the store in an 80's style tracksuit.. somehow, I think he forgot the "fashion memo!"


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