Day 365- Day 2/10/10

My friend and I took a little weekend trip to Wales to do some camping... We are really close to the Welsh border here, so it wasn't too far of a drive. Really beautiful area, lush green forests and a cute little town. It was a fantastic day, and dry surprisingly since Wales was getting some serious rain for the past few days. Saying that, when the rain started at 4am, it was a wet morning getting out of there!

So the day has come that my blog reads 365. Wow. A whole year. I could reflect and go on and on, but will save that for another post. I actually departed Canada on October 3rd 2009, and with the overnight flight and time change, didn't arrive in the UK till the 4th, so officially as of October 4th I will be here for a complete year. Have to think of a fantastic post to get up on the 4th! (No pressure!)


  1. your pictures of Wales are adorable! I remember how quaint it is there and the crazy language!

  2. I took so many photos, hard to choose just a few for here! Yes, so quaint and cute.


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