21/1/12- Raspberry delight

Oh hello 'This is Great Britain'! I've not forgot about you. 

After a fantastic time at home I've now made the transition back to the UK. This week has been a bit of getting over the jet lag, and getting back into life here. As promised a few posts ago, I will be back into making this a regular hobby- starting now.

This evening I had the pleasure of enjoying some raspberry beer, which came delightfully wrapped in brown paper. 

I also gave this blueberry beer a try.

All the whilst making these fabric covered candle holders. For some tea lights. The plastic kind. (You know the fake kind of tea lights? I think they have great potential). I found the idea on Pinterest - original source here


  1. ohhh I am so excited to see you little blog update!
    I love the flavored beer idea and the crafty tea lights! But most importantly, is the Oh Comely! magazine which I know you are going to save for me to read!
    Welcome back! I've missed you here!

  2. Welcome back!!! I hope you've recovered from your jetlag!


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