24/1/12- Taste of Canada Tuesdays- Perogies

Well, it's  back. Taste of Brit- I mean, Canada Tuesdays!
Just for this one week, lets take our taste buds to Canada. (Ultimately we are taking our taste buds to Poland and the Ukraine, but that's just details).

Though I am back in the UK now, a couple weeks ago I got to try the Perogy Boyz- a food truck in Calgary thats been getting some serious buzz around town. 

As a perogy lover and maker (see Christmas traditions), I had to give these Boyz and their 'rogues a try before flying back to England. 

My cousin and I (my compadre perogy maker) took a trip downtown one chilly (-30) day to find the roaming truck, and to have some lunch. Thankfully due to the cold temps there was not a huge queue for lunch. 

We both got the traditional perogy (though they did have some other interesting mixes), and I have to say they were fantastic. (Better than ours? That's debatable). I love the idea of these food trucks, and how the Perogy Boyz are making 'rogues the hit meal for lunch. Check em out next time you are in YYC.

Now that I am back in the UK- the land where perogies are not common- I am keen to whip up a few batches to freeze for those perogy-kinda-days. 


  1. Yum! I only discovered perogies right at the end of my time in Canada, but I love them!

  2. I think about those perogies on a near daily basis. They were so delectable! I will surely find them again someday and try something else, but hopefully it'll be warmer :)

  3. where did you both sit and eat them?


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