24/7/11- Days at Sea

Cruise ships are a great way to see the world. (Not to mention the fantastic service and food). Mom and I discussed that it was great to see all of these ports via the cruise, as doing it on our own would have made for a very different (and possibly more expensive) trip. A nice snapshot of the ports, allowing us to see many new areas.

Not only are the ports great, but we had three full days at sea. You could make these as relaxed (see below) or as busy as you'd like. The ship had events, courses, shows, exercise, food, ect ect ect to fill your days and nights.

Have you ever been on a cruise?

Our beautiful boat

How I enjoyed our afternoons at sea. (Reading 1984).


  1. I've not really been on a cruise ship, not a proper cruise ship that is. Sounds like a relaxing time - hopefully one day I will enjoy a cruise ship.

    How did you/are you liking 1984?

  2. T. One day we will go with our Moms maybe? Start planning. ;)

    I really liked 1984. Dark, but interesting. I also couldn't over some of the similarities in the book to what happens today like the comparison of newspeak (to like text speak), and changing the past in documentation made me think about the news of the world scandal that is happening here right now. I think I will read it again....

    I've not read GONE WITH THE WIND yet, as you asked in that other post, but its next on my list. I am just working myself up to it!


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