Scarf swap & holiday! 8/7/11

At the end of June I participated in a scarf swap with some UK bloggers. I was paired up with lovely Lauren of A Bird in the Hand whom just blogged about my scarf I sent her today.

I thought it was time to mention the scarf she got me- how beautiful! I've not styled it yet, but will do so soon and maybe post a photo. It's a pretty print with some tassels on the end, with a nice light weight. I've worn it twice already, thank you Lauren! x

I'm taking a little blogging holiday now, but keep your eyes peeled for some exciting posts in a few weeks time. Enjoy the first summery weeks of July bloggers & readers. :)


  1. Your scarf appears to be a double ikat weave Amanda! Extremely intricate process. Is it silk? Or perhaps cotton? Looks amazing!

  2. Hope you are having fun on your trip! I'm missing your blog updates so get back and update already!


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