25/7/11- Germany

On the trip we had two ports in Germany. One thing I loved was in every port, the ship would fly that countries flag. Here you can see the German flag (whipping in the wind, on the left hand side) as we pulled into our first port.

The first day we arrived in a pretty place called Kiel. A major maritime centre of Germany, but more importantly where my Mom was born!

That same day we took a train to a nearby town (45 min away) called Lubeck. Lubeck was another pretty German town, the home of marzipan, also home to some interesting buildings like this one.

From the Kiel port we sailed overnight (slowly as it was quite close) to the next port called Warnemunde. From here many people took the train ride to Berlin. We have both been to Berlin (I've been quiet recently), and the three hour train ride too and from was not overly appealing.

So we spent the morning at a nearby town (15 min by train) called Rostock. Another small, but pretty town with a lovely town square, and a fancy clock.

That afternoon we took the train back to Warnemunde, where the boat was docked, to spend the afternoon there. Did you know Germany has beaches? We didn't. The warm sun brought out the locals to their beach to catch some rays...we enjoyed the sand and sun, and a fish & chip lunch (I know, so German! ha) from a fish shop that was located on a little fishing boat.

We were pleasantly surprised by these small port towns in Germany.


  1. I love visiting smaller cities in different cities and getting a feel for the actual life of the country/culture. Love the pictures. The lake looks great!

  2. I agree- that is what was so great about it. We had both been to Germany before, so seeing the smaller towns was so nice.

  3. Thanks Chrissie! I agree, nice to see where Mom was born!


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