Taste of Britain Tuesday- Pimms! 5/7/11

Pimm's is a wonderful British drink that makes it's presence known at backyard gatherings, weddings, summer functions, and just plain warm summer days.

There are a few variations on how to make Pimm's but the standard is three parts lemonade (and lemonade here is like 7-up at home), to one part Pimm's. Then you add the fruit- strawberries, lemon, orange. Generally mint is included (but it was sold out in three stores!), and sometimes oddly cucumber.

It's Pimm's o'clock!

1 comment:

  1. isn't it always pimms o'clock?! that reminds me, i might have to enjoy a pimms myself on the patio! it's been too long! love the feature!!


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