28/7/11 My new ride

I got a new bike- and I love it!

I forgot what it was like to ride a bike, and this old girl is such fun to take around town. 1979 Royal Enfield, made in England.

I think I may call her Betsy...or Betty. I also love taking pics of people on bikes, or bikes in general (as it seems everyone in Europe rides a bike!), so its great fun to finally have my own to take a pic of. :)

I promise not to post too many of her!

Do you have a bike?


  1. Hey matey!

    That there is a nice bicycle!

    I'll send you a piccy of mine and Alison's when I get chance, I hand built them over 2 years.

    I too love riding and L O V E Holland/Amsterdam especially as I did a tour on the bikes when I went there.

    Hope you are keeping well matey, we must try and catch up for a beer one day soon.


  2. Betsy please!!
    Welcome to the family!

  3. Yay for finding a bike!! It looks so nice too :) Enjoy it. I wish I still had mine.


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