12/8/11- London (& British) Love

Hi all,
I thought I should include a blog post about the weeks events. It's been a hard and frustrating week whilst watching the news every night, and reading about it online.

I don't want to write about the riots, as there is so much out there already discussing it, and I'm still letting it all settle in my mind. Perhaps you've read about the events, or maybe not at all.

Instead I will leave you with some photos from my very first trip to London back in 2006. This the the trip which caused me to fall in love with the city, and to look towards living in Britain.

Below the images are some links to some blogs which I read, and their feelings on the subject.

Talli Roland- London Love (Which I've named this post as well, thanks Talli)

Style & Grit

Little Brown Pen

The Fabric of my Life

Sunshine With Everything

Have a good weekend, and I promise more blogging next week from me! :)

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