18/8/11- Cosmo

I received this beautiful sewing book for my birthday last month, and this week decided to take on the first bag.

Amy Butler has included some beautiful bags in this book, and I love the patterns of her fabrics. I was a bit nervous starting such an intense project, as though I love to sew, it's been ages since I used a pattern. I was so surprised to see that the patterns she uses are just normal paper, not the flimsy tissue paper style like the old days. (I know, for those of you that sew you are probably thinking- paper patterns have been around for ages! This just tells you the last time I used a pattern).

The first bag I will be making is the Cosmo Bag- which is seen on the front cover of her book. So far, its going pretty well! I don't plan to show you the step by step process, but will share the final result with you. Here are the fabrics I chose...

I LOVE the pretty skull/rose pattern on the one fabric. It's got that nice mix of tough & pretty.


  1. Normal paper? Cool, I've been reading a bit online about making your own patterns out of paper too so now it all makes sense.

    I love the fabric and your ambition. I do really love sewing and I love what I get out of it although sadly after hours of doing it I find myself getting lazy and then you get a less professional looking piece. It takes so much time and patience and the only way to get better is to keep at it. That is my plan for right now. Can't wait to see the finished product!

  2. Dear Amanda,

    You're Teira's cousin, I'm Teira's friend. I recently started sewing too. I'm really good at bows. But don't ask me about zippers. I like your blog.

    Let's be friends.


  3. Haha, I love you Mary!

    Glad my two crafting inspirations are now friends, think of the possibilities :)


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