Taste of Britain Tuesday- Pie 23/8/11

Today I've chosen a very British dish...that I don't eat! Pie.

Well let me correct that, I eat some types of British pie, just not the ones with red meat like steak & ale (my Mom's fave) or pork pie. Granted most of the common pies have red meat, but I have had a chicken & mushroom pie from time to time.

A pie sure can fill that void you may have, and is great on a cold winters day. Add some chips and baked beans, and you are set.

Any pie fans out there?

Looking back on this weeks blog posts, its all about sewing and biking. I realize I've not taken many pics around town for a while, and since I have some new followers (hello!) I should make sure to keep this blog well rounded and interesting for all.

Which reminds me I've still not blogged about the final two ports of our cruise, Stockholm and Copenhagen. I will be sure to do that asap.

On that note, August is almost over (can you believe it!) and I am off for the rest of the week, so a break from the blog for me. Enjoy your week!

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