8/8/11- Pedal heads

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

We were hoping to get out for a bike ride today, but the weather was not cooperating, and riding in the rain is not my idea of a nice bike ride! My bf got a super-fantastic-uber-fast road bike, so now I have someone to pedal along with. Though I have a feeling he may be faster than I.

I've updated my "blogs that make me swoon" area on the blog, so when you have extra time make sure to check them out. There are some great reads on there, and some fantastic new bloggers I've recently discovered.

I'm trying to expand my daily reads to more unique blogs, as I've realized many of the ones I read are very much alike. I will mention some of my new and fave finds sometime this week. (Like bike blogs!!!)

What blog is your fave daily read? I'd love to hear about some new blogs.

Since I have no pics of Betty (my bike) to show today, I will leave you with this pretty bike I saw in Helsinki. Speaking of travel, I also have two more days of the cruise to share with you.

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