14/8/11- Cycle Sundays

Today starts the first installation of a new weekly feature- Cycle Sundays.

I've always been a huge fan of taking photos of vintage bikes, and have decided to include a weekly photo of my bike, taken somewhere on the previous weeks cycle trips. Alice from Quaint Living tweets a weekly "bike on a fence" photo, and I love seeing her lovely bike around Oxfordshire.

If you are a biker, and love bike photos like I do, I hope you enjoy these photos. If not, well... tough luck! ;)

I also have some new additions to my bike as you see in the photo below. A lovely bell (needed when people are walking four across on a pathway), and a odometer clocking speed and distance. The odometer is great, as now I don't have to google earth my route to see how far I went. Today I went for a great country ride after watering a friends garden and picking some fresh herbs (as you see the parsley in my basket!).

Cycle Sunday snap


  1. How Amanda thanks for finding my blog! That's so awesome that you once lived in Alberta and are now in Great Britian! What an amazing story there must be behind that! I'm looking forward to reading future post of yours. P.S. I love biking too, sadly I have an old purple bike, nothing vintage or picture worthy. But it's my baby and gets me from A to B. :)

  2. I am in love with your bike Betty and cycle Sunday! Adorable!

  3. I love Cycle Sunday! Makes me miss the ease of biking around that Europe offers, sadly Calgary offers no such luxury. The last picture looks like an enchanted forest or something.


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