17/8/11 Photog

Hello everyone!

I apologise for the lack of 'Taste of Britain Tuesday' yesterday. Whoops! I had all the intentions of making a real British recipe, however due to my lack of planning I didn't have the right ingredients and well... no post.

I thought today I share some artwork that I've got up in town. The new coffeehouse is holding an open photography exhibition where artists could submit their photos. Throughout the month people can vote on their fave, and then that artist gets a solo exhibition sometime in the new year. I think that would be amazing!

However, for now, I am pretty chuffed about having a couple photos framed up in public. It's been a while my art has been hanging for people to see. The two pics are from traveling, the one on the left entitled "Hudsons Bay Company" taken in Cork, and "Lemon Gelato" taken in Florence.

As a part of the show they are also available for sale. I'm hoping someone buys one of my prints, how fantastic! If not, then either I've got two new photos to hang, or maybe one of you wants to buy it?! ;)


  1. I enjoy seeing other people's art out on display. Such a cool way to see things through another person eye's.

    I hope you come out successfully in this display and get your own exhibition or sell a print or two. :)

  2. I love your photos you entered! How great to have them hanging up for all to see!

  3. how exciting! good luck on getting selected for the solo!


  4. Awesome! So glad you decided to do that, what a treat to see your art up somewhere for all to enjoy.


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