12/10/11- Nice marketing

Oh hello blog! I've missed you...

The schedule of my life in Canada is a wee bit different than England, and as I've said in previous posts I'm still getting used to it for this time I am home. It feels funny to be sharing images and stories of Canada, as the blog is called "This is Great Britain" not Canada after all. 

But I hate to drop the blog for the time I am home, so I will march on and continue it. I'd think that my British followers may be interested to see bits of life over here?

A little tiddle from our Vancouver trip as mentioned in the previous post. One day we saw a Telus truck set up on the side of a busy street in Van, with a long queue of people outside of it. (For the UK crowd Telus is a mobile provider like Vodafone)

We did some further investigation and found out that the queue was for a free tshirt which you could choose the silkscreen image for your shirt. The choices you had were the ones below, we thought they were pretty cute so decided to wait and get one.

(We both got the iphone is the new nintendo print)

The shirt was pretty good quality and there was only a small telus logo on the back. Smart marketing telus, smart. 

Everyone loves a free tshirt. Don't they?



  1. Haha fun marketing indeed! Who wouldn't want a free shirt. Even if you just use it for work or sleep. Very smart of them.
    I'm with Telus. Woot woot. Sometimes during Christmas they'll send me a box of chocolates. So I rather like them. :)

  2. Oh nice! Way to go Telus...
    I've always liked them, they seem like a fun company.


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