28/10/11- Young bakers

I've been doing some childcare whilst I've been home for my cousins children whom I love. I'm learning a lot about the wee ones, and of course enjoying the funny things they say, and their outlook on the world. 

There are some great toys out there these days, and this is one I've noticed a few times. 

Wood cupcakes. 

The icing tops can be interchanged between the wood bases, and you use your icing (aka markers) to decorate the cakes. Once complete, stick on your candle (attached with velcro), and your cake is complete!

Too cute.

1 comment:

  1. Hey hun, thanks for stopping by! I like the look of these wooden cupcake toys! I teach in the Early Years at the moment but have never seen these! I'm sure I could use them for educational purposes some how! x


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