25/10/11- Who needs a boat?

Last week I went for dinner with a fellow sushi lover. Sushi is something that is not so prevalent in my English home, so I take advantage when I am in Canada. 

We tried a new place, and the best part was the sushi train they had going around! How cute. A sushi boat is always lovely, but this was my first time picking food from a moving train. (And a CP Rail train at that).

If you live in the UK, tell me where your fave place to get sushi is. (So I know for the future!)


  1. Nobu has great sushi, if a bit pricey! E&O in Notting Hill, too, as well as Tokyo Kitchen on Hillgate Street (again in Notting Hill!).

  2. I love that it was on a CP Rail train - that is such fun. I usually stick to Globefish around here, which is simply because it is always amazing.


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