11/10/11- We woke to this

My BFF and I took a girls trip to Vancouver last weekend. What a beautiful city, and so lovely at this time of year! 

We stayed in a hotel on Robson Street, which goes up 48 floors or something of that height. We got a room on floor 27 and this was our view- amazing. I highly suggest staying there as the views are great and location to the city is perfect. 

We also enjoyed the sights of the constant stream of lululemon fashion on the streets, it seems like its the norm to wear it everywhere and anywhere. Also very miffed about all the Vancouver Canucks fans wearing jerseys, but not on a game day. Odd. 

Clearly I've slowed down on this blog since I've been home...Just need to get back into the swing of things here and I may post a bit more. 


  1. I haven't been to Vancouver in well over 15 years but I remember it being such an amazing city. It was huge and from another world in my eyes as a young teen. One day I hope to go back!

  2. Oh, that makes me so nostalgic; it's such a gorgeous city! Question: why WOULDN'T you wear a Canucks jersey, even if it's not a game day?! Lol. The fans certainly are loyal!!


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