29/9/11- Skyline

In town one of the (many) churches is getting a revamp. I believe they are working on the stone work, and some bits that are falling apart. 

On the 10k race I ran a couple weeks ago in town here, there were many people running wearing shirts that read "save the church!". It's a beautiful addition to the skyline here, which of course has lots of history. 

It's all wrapped up as they are doing this work, and if you are from Alberta (or Canada for that matter) what does it look like to you?

Yup, a grain elevator! How lovely is that? Alberta was once dotted with them, but years ago they started knocking them down. I loved that this looked like one. 


  1. I totally thought that was a southern alberta pic until you said otherwise! How wild is that! Very cool.

  2. It does look like a grain elevator! I haven't seen one of those for ages.


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