10/9/11- Page turners

I've not posted a 'reading' update in a while. One main reason for this is because I've been working my way through 'Gone with the Wind'. Well I finished it on friday and loved it. If you've not read it, I suggest you invest some time and give it a chance. Such a great story. Thanks again to my cousin for suggesting this one to me. This week I am going to find four hours to watch the movie...

I am now excited to move onto my bookshelf to see what's next. I am taking it easy with a couple short reads, before hitting another longer more intense book.

Started this one yesterday, I love Paris so am really looking forward to learning more about it. 

Sent to me from a friend, looks like a cute story.

A book about the color, and the scandals associated with color and getting pigment. I am an art geek, so this is useful info for me.

Ya, this book is still waiting to be read. I mentioned it my last book post, but this month I am finally going to read it. 

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  1. Victoria Finley also organises the Alliance of Religions and Conservation (www.arcworld.org). It's interesting to me that she has been so successful across these different fields. Also, I just read my first Murakami the other day (The Wild Sheep Chase) and really liked it, though not sure I understood all the meanings in the end! I am looking forward to reading more of his and Kafka on the Beach and The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle are at the top of the list. Happy reading! xo


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