13/9/11- Taste of Britain Tuesday- The 99

For todays Taste of Britain Tuesday I am going to focus on a summer favourite, the 99. 

(Clearly I still wish it was summer, and am in no mood to cook tonight!)

The 99 (aka 99 Flake) is a soft serve ice cream, with a Cadbury Flake inserted in. You'd get a flake from an ice cream parlor or your local ice cream truck. 

I had no idea what this was before arriving here in England, and I know I have mentioned it before on the blog. I thought it was just too darn good, not to mention again. 

I've heard that people are having issues commenting on the blog...I will have to take a look into this, as when I get comments it really means a lot! Sorry, if you've had any issues...

1 comment:

  1. Ummm that looks amazing! I am actually considering leaving the comfort of my apartment right now at 10:30pm to go and find some ice cream. Though nothing would compare to that!


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