19/9/11- Life Made Lovely Monday- Zipper-de-do-da!

Today I am linking up with 'Life Made Lovely Monday', sharing the lovely-ness it is to install a zipper!

I am working my way through the Amy Butler 'Style Stitches' book, with my first project the Cosmo Bag shown here. (Which I use all the time, and have received some nice compliments on). 

I skipped the second project, as it wasn't really a style of bag that would suit me. So next was the Origami bag set. 

This pattern gave you six different bag sizes to sew, and I tried the small and medium sizes. 

Like last time, I also followed along using Jem Jams blog to guide me, as she always has helpful photos and notes about each step.

I admit, I was nervous in installing the zipper...I don't think I've ever sewed a zipper, and without my Mom to help me I wasn't sure if I could do it! I shared some frustrations with my sewing cousin, and glad I wasn't the only one that found zippers annoying. I broke about four needles in the process of learning, but later found out that was my 1970's machine acting up, and had nothing to do with the zipper.

Once I got the hang of the zipper foot, it was a breeze! You will see the finished product below- and may notice I used some of the Cosmo bag fabric on this project. 

I whipped up two of these bags no problem, and even made two more just this past weekend. (In an afternoon!). A few tiny details to alter for my next zipper project, but all and all I think I am over my fear! :)


  1. I love Life Made Lovely Monday!
    And I really think I need you to make me one of those cute bags! I love them - great job - they look like they belong on Etsy ( where I bought a few just like that! )

  2. Thanks Wendy! They are so easy to make now that I have the hang of them! Glad you like them...maybe one day you will have your own ;)

  3. wow! you did a wonderful job! I love the fabrics you used.. zippers are hard for me too :/
    found you via life made lovely :)

  4. These are super cute and look very crisp and professional. Nice job.

  5. Thank you Flor, I am glad I am not the only one that has a fear of zippers!

    T, many thanks. I'd think if you were sewing something if it turns out professional, that is success!

  6. Ooooooh, these look FAB! I, too, am terrified of zippers - glad you overcame the fear though! You could sell these!

  7. So great and so pretty!

    Do not even get me started on the time I tried to sew in a zipper!

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