9/9/11- Patty

This is Patty. 

I went from having zero bikes, to two bikes in a month and I love them both! I've always wanted a road bike, so recently purchased this one. She is very different to ride compared to Betsy, and don't worry Betsy still hits the town even though Patty has arrived. 

There are some great roads in this area of the country to ride on, very picturesque and lovely to ride, as well as challenging and hilly. I've switched my cycle computer to Patty, as it makes more sense for the long rides to see the stats of speed and distance. 


  1. Two bikes! Awww how fun! It always seem you have such beautiful roads and trails to go on from your pictures.
    What an experience that must be!

  2. Oh we really do! There are some very picturesque views and lovely paths and small winding roads. I'd like to take more pics on my rides, but I'd never get anywhere if I did!


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