22/9/11- On the left

This morning I took Patty out for a ride. I am finding that each ride that I take her out, I am getting more confident on the bike, stronger on the hills, and am increasing my overall speed. 

She is a very different ride compared to my town bike Betsy, and don't worry, Betsy still gets a ride every now and then :)

I snapped a couple pics on the ride today, and would have taken some more of the beautiful scenery, though I'd have to stop riding. I guess there is nothing wrong with stopping to take photos, but I like getting out there and just pedaling. 

The majority of roads that we ride on around here are like this. They are called B roads, joining small villages and towns, and in the morning or afternoon (outside of commuter times) are nice and quiet to ride on. There isn't much of a shoulder like Alberta roads, but drivers are generally quite respectful when passing you. 

Yes, this is a road not a bike path! Isn't it lovely? This is a favorite stretch of mine on this one specific route. This isn't even considered an B road its so small. It connects a few smaller towns on the route, and has nice rolling hills to get some good speed on and to work the legs. 


  1. Lovely scenery for a ride. Looks like you have some great roads for biking around :)


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