Home- 31/8/11

There are some streets in town here that I love. To me, they are so very "British"- though don't ask me to define what that means!

I seem to take many photos of streets, and couldn't help but snap this photo as I rode home yesterday. It's a tiny street in the town centre, very quiet, with a school at the top of the street, and the entrance to the park near the bottom.

I think these homes are so pretty...The colored doors, a bit of greenery, and at Christmas time  they always have these great festive wreaths on the doors. 

(I am still making small changes to this blog every now and then. Is there any format you liked/dislike? Anything you would like to see on here? Any suggestions?)


  1. Such a charming looking street! That's one thing about living in a city that just oozes with history is that you can find beautiful homes that feel like you've stepped back in time. Sadly there's very little (if any) of that in Alberta towns.

  2. these are my favorite kinds of streets! Full of character and charm that you only find in neat little places like your town!

  3. These are totally what I think of when I think of living in England. I think it's because of Love Actually.

  4. Teaka- agreed! That is one of the best things about the UK, all the history. I mean, Charles Darwin lived here for Petes sake! Alberta can't compare in that realm.

    Wendy- exactly. So cute and twee!

    Melanie- I think you hit the nail on the head! This is just like the street that is shown in that one scene isnt it?!

  5. This is exactly how I remember it!


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