13/9/11- Junk or Treasure?

One day we ventured to another part of town to pick some bits and bobs up from the local bike shop. On that journey we discovered this new store "Junk 'n' Disorderly"- what a great name!

The shop sells old and refurbished furniture, and I had to take a look. Love places like this! 

(Saying that, I've never bought an antique or refub'ed piece of furniture in my life, but maybe one day?)

It was this red chaise lounge that was on the street the day walked by, and it caught my eye. Beautiful isn't it?

Will set you back 245 quid, and unfortunately was not in the best condition either. 

I kept exploring. As you see from the exterior image its quite an old building...it had many rooms and multiple staircases. 

I love this mirror. I think a mirror like this would look amazing at the end of a hallway. Very Van Eyke. (One of my fave paintings). 

This scared me a bit. 
I didn't understand the set up of the scary doll and multiple footballs on the stairs. (Oh and for those of you concerned about health & safety, you could not use these stairs)

Some great china sitting around as well...

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  1. This gets me so excited - what a GREAT find and what a great name for this type of store - remember we must go to High River and check that one out when you come! I love the pictures Amanda and the blog.


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