6/10/11- Taste of Britain Tuesday- Lemon Tarts

Currently on tv there is this show called "The Great British Bake Off", which is exactly what you would think its about. A reality/challenge type show where bakers compete with each other. It was on last year as well, and a cookbook exists from the first season.

They usually create at least two different items and its interesting to watch how they put a spin on the challenges. It's also nice to see all the British dishes they are creating. Last week they all had to create lemon tarts... I love lemon so I decided to try a lemon tart this week.

Well needless to say, if I was on the Great British Bake Off last week, I would have failed. ha! 

The tarts taste great, but the buttery base did not work out as I would have hoped, and for some reason the top of the tart got a bit browned. This was not in the plan. 

Oh well, they still taste great!


  1. I love lemon desserts! And that looks delicious :) I also have a proposal for an evening of cooking in October. Get excited.

  2. Evening of cooking!! Sign me up :)

  3. Man that looks yum. Your blog has a great homely feel. Keep up the good work!


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